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Relocation to Sweden (Senior Java Developers)

N-iX is recruiting system developers with a strong background in Java and data bases on behalf of our client in Gothenburg, Sweden.

About the company
The client is a profitable Swedish IT-company and for years, one of the fastest growing. The client delivers solutions to several of the largest Swedish-based international companies. The product is a comprehensive and fully integrated system for managing payments, benefits, discounts, insurance, pension and other remunerations to employees while maintaining good over-view and transparency.
The average age in the company is 29 and the pace at the office is high and energetic. The environment is professional, but with a lot of humor and openness to new ideas and suggestions. The company and employees arrange different activities ranging from invited speakers on relevant topics to sports and after work/social gatherings. Conferences for the co-workers are arranged once per year. The last one was held in Turkey.
The people currently working with developing the company's products have been hand-picked based on their personal and technical skills. The company atmosphere is entrepreneurial and among the developers there is today a strong culture of pride and a sense of responsibility for the code and the product.
The company has around 150 employees spread across several offices. The department that is currently looking for new candidates has about 30 co-workers and is situated in the city of Gothenburg, on the Swedish west coast.
Task and skills
The system is web-based and it's constantly being developed to meet new criteria. The system is based on a Java-platform and MySQL and the working methodology is truly lean and agile, with short sprints and iterations. Often, direct feed-back from users trigger adaptations or new functionality which is quickly released with the product. Development is heavily influenced by use of open source technologies. The code is kept as neat and easy to maintain as possible and the system is easy to configure and develop further.
We expect that you are passionate about writing good code. You have a technical interest and are ambitious and driven.
You must have solid experience from Java development, databases and open-source technologies.
You are expected to have some experience from open source technologies such as Tomcat, MySQL, Struts, Eclipse, Hudson, Maven and Linux.
It's and advantage if you also have experience from working with larger business / business support systems and it's beneficial if you have an interest in the development of interfaces and databases. 
Other merits are .NET-based technologies and experience from other web-based / cloud-based systems, but these are not a requirement.
We think that you have at least 4 years of relevant experience, working as a developer.
On a personal note
This position is suitable for a person with a strong interest in programming and a drive to influence his or her own work. Suggestions and initiatives are welcomed and rewarded. The atmosphere in the company is professional but friendly and social. We think that a suitable candidate is someone who has a sense of humor and enjoy working together with others and who is also technically strong and prepared to go the extra mile when necessary.
The applicant should be prepared and willing to relocate to Sweden for at least a couple of years.

Salary and benefits
ñ  A salary that allows you to live comfortably in Sweden. The salary will be sufficient to  support a family.
ñ  Standard pension plan (which entitles you to pension payments, even if you don't stay permanently in Sweden)
ñ  Additional pension plan (in addition to the basic pension plan, you will receive an additional pension plan, based on your salary)
ñ  Insurance
ñ  Free breakfast at the office
ñ  If you stay more then 2 years, you can apply for permanent residency (you can keep your current citizenship, but get a permanent permit to live and work in Sweden and unlimited travel in Schengen). This permit will also entitle you to unemployment insurance and social insurance in the future
ñ  You will be encouraged to take part in a Swedish language course to quickly get into the local society, even if almost all people in Sweden will speak and understand English.
ñ  If you have a family, we will support you in practical arrangements, such as gaining permits for your wife/husband and children. Our office in Sweden has experience from relocation of Ukrainian developers to Sweden in the past and will be able to answer your questions and provide additional support on location, should you be successful in this recruitment.

About Gothenburg: Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden and one of the main IT-hubs and was ranked as the 12th most inventive city in the world by Forbes. The city is located on the west coast of Sweden and is famous for seafood, good pubs and football. The city has about 550 000 people in the urban area and a little more than one million in the metropolitan area.

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