середа, 10 червня 2015 р.

Morning@Lohika: Java Birthday

Dear friends,
Last time we had a great birthday party celebrating 1 year of Morning@Lohika, but totally forgot about another important jubilee. As you may know in May, 23th, 1995 Java officially saw the world and it's already 20 years old. So we invite you all to celebrate and (of course) to share your Java experience with each other on Saturday, 13th of June. The event will consist of three parts.

1st part: "New features of Java 8” (2 x 45 mins)

Java is “dead”?! There will be no public updates to Java 7 after April, 2015. Have you heard about new language emerged? Welcome - Java 8! Have you already migrated to Java 8? Are you currently using new cool features of Java 8? Maybe you have never tried them out. If so, this talk is for you. You will see how easy and cool is to use new features of the Java programming language: lambdas, streams, method references, data&time API, etc. You will see a lot of code examples showing difference between boring old and shiny new programming styles on Java.

2st part: "Adopt a JSR” (15 mins)

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko will explain involvement of JUG UA to JSOB-B spec, components of yearly draft (runtime API, default mapping etc) and advice how to be involved in JSON-B spec work if interested, i.e. how to start and what to do. This talk is mostly intended to encourage JUG members, individuals and other organizations around Ukraine to get involved in Java Specification Requests (JSRs).

3rd part: “Java Concurrency Applied” (2 x 45 mins)

In this talk Mikalai Alimenkou will present some tasks they solved in their projects and solutions they came to. It is practical journey to expand your horizons in applied Java concurrency.
This session is going to be extended and more detailed walk through Mikalai’s talk presented at JEEConf 2015.

More about the event and speakers here:


Admission fee: 100 UAH