понеділок, 29 червня 2015 р.

Codepot - 100% Workshop Conference

JDayLviv has recently become a partner with Codepot - workshop conference!

100% workshop technology conference taking place at the end of summer, August 28-29th, 2015 at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. If you believe in learning by doing approach and are thirsty for knowledge and networking this event is for you!

For more details - check the conference website.

As a part of this partnership - JUG Lviv has received a free ticket to the event and we will raffle it at our next meetup!
Stay tuned.

вівторок, 23 червня 2015 р.

#Eclipse #hotkeys I use everyday

Ctrl+Shift+LList of all available hotkeys

Ctrl+Shift+ROpen Resource (file, folder or project)
Ctrl+LJump to Line Number. To hide/show line numbers, press ctrl+F10 and select 'Show Line Numbers'
Next 3 combinations are pretty obvious but I put it here 'cause in IntelliJIdea they mean something different (hate Idea for that)
Ctrl+ZUndo last action
Ctrl+YRedo last (undone) action
Ctrl+DDelete Line
Ctrl+HSearch Workspace (Java Search, Task Search, and File Search)
Ctrl+Shift+FAutoformat all code in Editor using code formatter
Ctrl+OShow code outline / structure
F3Open Declaration: Jump to Declaration of selected class, method, or parameter
Ctrl+TShow / open Quick Type Hierarchy for selected item
Ctrl+Shift+TOpen Type in Hierarchy
Ctrl+Alt+HOpen Call Hierarchy
Alt+Shift+TRefactoring menu
Alt+Shift+SSource management menu (generate get/set/equals/etc.)
Alt+Shift+RRename selected element and all references
Ctrl+OShow code outline / structure

субота, 20 червня 2015 р.

Morning@Lohika is running their next event, on Saturday, 27th of June. 
JUG Lviv is happy to share the info! 

The topic for this Morning@Lohika is “Legacy projects: how to win the race”.

Speaker: Victor Polischuk, Java technical leader at Infopulse Ukraine. His production experience counts 13 years including about 11 years of Java development. Victor is an expert in Java & JavaScript, Smartass.
Many of us want participate in pure and all white project where every single technical decision is in our complete control. Yeah… what a beautiful dream.
Want to know more - check on Morning@Lohika page!
Or better, just register for the event!

середа, 10 червня 2015 р.

Morning@Lohika: Java Birthday

Dear friends,
Last time we had a great birthday party celebrating 1 year of Morning@Lohika, but totally forgot about another important jubilee. As you may know in May, 23th, 1995 Java officially saw the world and it's already 20 years old. So we invite you all to celebrate and (of course) to share your Java experience with each other on Saturday, 13th of June. The event will consist of three parts.

1st part: "New features of Java 8” (2 x 45 mins)

Java is “dead”?! There will be no public updates to Java 7 after April, 2015. Have you heard about new language emerged? Welcome - Java 8! Have you already migrated to Java 8? Are you currently using new cool features of Java 8? Maybe you have never tried them out. If so, this talk is for you. You will see how easy and cool is to use new features of the Java programming language: lambdas, streams, method references, data&time API, etc. You will see a lot of code examples showing difference between boring old and shiny new programming styles on Java.

2st part: "Adopt a JSR” (15 mins)

Oleg Tsal-Tsalko will explain involvement of JUG UA to JSOB-B spec, components of yearly draft (runtime API, default mapping etc) and advice how to be involved in JSON-B spec work if interested, i.e. how to start and what to do. This talk is mostly intended to encourage JUG members, individuals and other organizations around Ukraine to get involved in Java Specification Requests (JSRs).

3rd part: “Java Concurrency Applied” (2 x 45 mins)

In this talk Mikalai Alimenkou will present some tasks they solved in their projects and solutions they came to. It is practical journey to expand your horizons in applied Java concurrency.
This session is going to be extended and more detailed walk through Mikalai’s talk presented at JEEConf 2015.

More about the event and speakers here:


Admission fee: 100 UAH

вівторок, 12 травня 2015 р.

#JUGLviv: 22-nd meetup: Summary

JUG Lviv щoиро дякує всім, хто прийшов на 22-гу зустріч.
Окрема подяка компанії Eleks, яка гостинно нас прийняла.

Дякуємо Yuriy Guts за доповідь !

Слайди презентації можна буде завантажити пізніше, після того, як їх подивляться сотні учасників JeeConf.

Цього разу дискусія видалась напрочуд жвавою.

Також вітаємо Andriy Rymar,
з виграним квитком на JavaDay Lviv!

#OCJP #сертифікація за 50$

До 30 травня доступна OCJP сертифікація всього за 50$

Oracle Certification Program Beta Exams

Beta exams are pre-production exams used by Oracle to evaluate new exam questions with the participation of a live audience. Beta exam questions go through a rigorous development and evaluation process before being released to the public. Data gathered during beta testing are used to select the best questions for the production exam, and to eliminate questions that are ambiguous, too easy or too difficult, or unhelpful in evaluating a participant's knowledge. Beta exams are offered at a deeply discounted price; candidates usually have 2.5 to 3.5 hours to complete the exam, and may see 120 - 220 questions.

пʼятниця, 8 травня 2015 р.

#Eclipse <-> #IntelliJ IDEA: #HotKey mapping

Корисна табличка для тих хто мігрує з однієї IDE  на іншу або використовує обидві одночасно. Ну а також для таких хто вважає що в ідеї є щось чого нема в екліпсі ;)
P.S. Якщо ви знаєте ще якісь корисні пари - пишіть
P.P.S. Ну і ті хто не хочуть запам'ятовувати пари - ідея дозволяє використовувати хоткій схему екліпса

Eclipse IntelliJ IDEA Description
F4 ctrl+h show the type hierarchy
ctrl+alt+g ctrl+alt+F7 find usages
ctrl+shift+u ctrl+f7 finds the usages in the same file
alt+shift+r shift+F6 rename
ctrl+shift+r ctrl+shift+N find file / open resource
ctrl+shift+x, j ctrl+shift+F10 run (java program)
ctrl+shift+o ctrl+alt+o organize imports
ctrl+o ctrl+F12 show current file structure / outline
ctrl+shift+m ctrl+alt+V create local variable refactoring
syso ctrl+space sout ctrj+j System.out.println(“”)
alt + up/down ctrl + shift + up/down move lines
ctrl + d ctrl + y delete current line
??? alt + h show subversion history
ctrl + h ctrl + shift + f search (find in path)
“semi” set in window-> preferences ctrl + shift + enter if I want to add the semi-colon at the end of a statement
ctrl + 1 or ctrl + shift + l ctrl + alt + v introduce local variable
alt + shift + s alt + insert generate getters / setters
ctrl + shift + f ctrl + alt + l format code
ctrl + y ctrl + shift + z redo
ctrl + shift + c ctrl + / comment out lines (my own IDEA shortcut definition for comment/uncomment on german keyboard layout on laptop: ctrl + shift + y)
ctrl + alt + h ctrl + alt + h (same!) show call hierarchy
none ? ctrl + alt + f7 to jump to one of the callers of a method
ctrl + shift + i alt + f8 evaluate expression (in debugger)
F3 ctrl + b go to declaration (e.g. go to method)
ctrl + l ctrl + g go to line

Взято звідси. Thx Ray Shanley