четвер, 26 березня 2015 р.

#JUGLviv: 21-st meetup: #Dropwizard - 2-nd of April

JUG Lviv  відкриває новий сезон!
Перша зустріч в цьому році

2-ге квітня о 19-00 за адресою вул. Наукова 7г,
 приміщення тренінг-центру компанії Елекс

вхід традиційно вільний


  light-weight Java framework for easy and fast developing RESTful web services

Are you exhausted from pulling together 100500 different Java framework to develop RESTfull web services? Let try Dropwizard :)

Make Magic with Dropwizard
- Overview
- Setup and Configuration
- Dropwizard Freatures: Easy YAML configuration, Metrics, Database Integration, Microservices, Authentication and more
- Similar Solutions
- Q&A

Speaker:  Yurii Luchkiv
Software Engineer at Conscensia
3.5+ year of experience
Interested in Java/Android/Scala

неділя, 15 березня 2015 р.

Віддалена робота: SoftwareMill

Польська компанія SoftwareMill шукає людей для віддаленої роботи. З незвичних побажань - знання польської мови :)
Як на мене хороший варіант для мід/сіньйор розробників

Кому цікаво ось детальний опис від Tomasz Dziurko

Who we are:
We are a small, but growing softwarehouse with ~30 people working for clients in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, England and United States.

What distinguishes us:
remote work: we all work from our homes, co-working offices or sometimes even from Bieszczady Mountains
- flat company structure: everyone has the same right to speak their opinions or change the way the company works, no matter if you are the boss or a developer who joined us a month ago. If you convince the majority to your idea, we make it happen even if the boss voted for "no"
- financial transparency inside the company: you will know how much each of us earns or how much we spend on various stuff
- paid days-off when you attend a conference
- company launched and led by active developers, so we understand that an SSD disc is not a whim and two large external LCD displays setup is not too much

What we expect:
- 2-3 years of commercial experience
- Good knowledge of English
- Willingness to work from home
- Independence and good communication skills
- Native or at least good Polish language
- Sense of humour

We also appreciate all forms of community involvement like:
- Professional groups e.g. JUG
- Speaking at conferences
- Having a technical blog or similar

Currently we are looking for:
Senior Java / Scala / Groovy Developer

What we expect:
- Very good Java/Scala/Groovy skills and general programming knowledge
- Openness to agile (experience not necessary, but willingness to try it)

Nice to have:
- Knowledge of a second JVM language or experience with NoSQL/MongoDB
- Experience in close cooperation with client
- Nonallergic reaction to the 'JavaScript' word
- Not sure if you're good enough?

Try, you are only risking a bit of time! We are looking for people on different levels. Having a good attitude and being keen to learn is crucial, the rest is a matter of time.

What we offer:
- Salary ranging from 400 to 600 Polish Zloty net per day for a start (business to business cooperation)
- No company office, we work remotely
- Great work environment with passionate and skilled people
- Flat structure without managers, complete openness and transparency, even with salaries inside company
- No procedures and no other corporate 'goodies' we all love
- 50% refund for conference tickets and paid days-off when event takes place
- Best tools you need to make your work pleasurable and effective: monitor, computer of your choice
- Interesting projects with new technologies: Java, Scala, Groovy, JavaScript, MongoDB, CoffeeScript, AngularJS.

What we DON'T offer:
- Working in old, legacy projects
- Using Java 1.6 or older
- Being in a same project till you or the project die (of course the former is more probable)
- Managers telling you how to write code. Actually we do not have any managers

We conduct projects for clients from the US, Australia and South Africa, so a good knowledge of English is a must (spoken, written, by phone, etc.). At the same time, internally we are Polish speaking company, so Polish language is also required

How to apply?
Send your CV with a short explanation in English why you would like to work at SoftwareMill to: cv (at)

пʼятниця, 27 лютого 2015 р.

#конференція: Frameworks Days

Спілка Frameworks Days проводить у Києві конференцію Java Frameworks Day. Будуть   обговорюватись Java фреймворки, а також загальні теми по Java.
Місце: Київ, БЦ «Інком», вул. Смоленська, 31-33 (М Шулявська)
Дата: 7 березня 2015 р.
Вартість: $17 (₴600 .)
Для учасників спілки JUG.LVIV передбачена знижка 10% по промо-коду 75E5A5FBE9, який діє до 06.03.2015. Поспішайте придбати квитки - кількість місць обмежена.
На конференції обговоримо такі теми як: Akka (Дмитро Мантула), Scala (Руслан Шевченко), Spring Boot (Сергій Моренець), Heroku (Юрій Литвиненко), аналіз різноманітних Java фреймворків (Віктор Поліщук), Big Data (Роман Нікітченко), історія з життя від Олександра Баглая і не тільки. З повним переліком доповідей, а також всією детальною інформацією, можна ознайомитись на сайті.

Також вас чекають захоплюючі інтерактиви та головоломки від Codenjoy.
Як проходять всі конференції Frameworks Days можна побачити тут.
Приходьте, буде дуже цікаво;)

середа, 25 лютого 2015 р.

Помилка у алгоритмі сортування в джаві?

Ось тут з'явилась цікава стаття про помилку в стандартному алгоритмі сортування в java

Може кому цікаво дослідити тему і обговорити на зустрічі групи?

середа, 18 лютого 2015 р.

JavaOne 2014 Video

четвер, 12 лютого 2015 р.

Розшукуються два java mid девелопери у стартап

Якщо ви завжди хотіли взяти участь в розробці стартапу, якщо вам набрид аутсорс і хочеться робити продукт - це пропозиція для вас

What we are looking for:

One mid/senior Front­End and one mid BackEnd Developer to strengthen our team. We are seeking people who love technology and challenges, and have the ability to find good solutions to hard problems both independently and as a member of a team.

Who we are:

Product startup­like company with customers all over the world.
We are innovating behind new generation of cloud based multi tenant business platform (SAAS) that can manage A to Z business needs: CRM, SRM, Project Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Inventory, Document Management, Email and some others . We are collaborative, innovative, agile development team that want to simplify and unify Business Processes and Communications of our customers making their organization  more efficient, easier to manage and change and significantly reduce and accurately forecast their expenses.

What we hope you to bring us:

For both vacancies: Good level of english; Your relevant degree is equipped with strong and provable programming skills.

For FrontEnd: We believe your interest and experience in JavaScript, Java, Vaadin, open source and web technologies will work towards your advantage. You have a good understanding of usability and eye for visual design.

For BackEnd: Excellent knowledge of Spring projects - Spring 4, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data Rest
 Maven, Hibernate 4, MySql, MongoDB, REST services.

If you are interested in one of these vacancies, please contact us via Email: or Skype: cesar-handelot

понеділок, 9 лютого 2015 р.

Morning@Lohika: Spring Boot in production is coming!

Dear all,
We are glad to inform you that next Morning@Lohika will be held on February 14th . As usual we invite only the best speakers and high-quality specialists so please welcome our speaker from Kyiv – Oleksiy Rezchykov, Software Engineer at Playtika. This time you have a good chance to hear about «Spring Boot in production”.
Someone may think that Spring Boot is just another rapid application development tool for pet projects and/or presentations. Oleksiy will destroy that myth as he has successful experience of implementing microservices architecture using it for the complex applications that are currently in production.
Oleksiy Rezchykov
Oleksiy Rezchykov, Software Engineer at Playtika