середа, 16 червня 2010 р.

Манінг задаровує нас подарунками :)

Greetings from Manning Publications!

Thank you for participating in Manning's Geekiest User Group Challenge! Congratulations - you were randomly selected to win one free ebook. Please let me know which book you are interested in from and I'll have it email to you ASAP.


Greetings to the User Group of Lviv,

Greetings to the User Group of Lviv,

Manning Publications would like to heartily congratulate you for having the most user group members participate in our challenge! You've won a party sponsored by Manning and 20 books of your choice for your library. You can choose any book you'd like from our catalog ( - please let me know which titles you're interested and I'll get them out to you ASAP!

Once you plan your party, please let me know and we will reimburse you for costs up to $500!

Again, congratulations from all of us at Manning!

субота, 12 червня 2010 р.

Ми перемогли :)

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Announcing the Geekiest User Group Challenge! winners
We hope you all had fun with our Geekiest User Group Challenge quiz--we certainly did! Hundreds of user group members worldwide competed, and we're pleased to tell you who came out on top!
The winners
geeksMost Geeks: Congratulations to Java User Group of Lviv, Ukraine for having the most members participate! You've won a party sponsored by us for an upcoming meeting, along with a library of 20 Manning books for your user group! And you get to display the Geek Challenge 2010: Most Geeks badge on your site!
geeksSmartest Geeks: Congratulations to FlashCodersNY for having the group with the highest average score on the quiz! You've won 10 Manning books for your user group's library, as well as the right to display the Geek Challenge 2010: Smartest Geeks badge.
potofgoldLuckiest geeks: And last but not least, 60 of you were randomly selected to win a free ebook. If you've won, you'll receive an email from Manning asking you to pick a book from
You can visit the Results page to see the correct answers to the quiz.
Thanks from the Manning Publications team.
Всім велике дякую за участь в конкурсі
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