середа, 20 квітня 2016 р.

JUG UA Live Stream: Hibernate & Multithreading talks

Сьогодні, наші друзі - JUG.UA,  проводять черговий meetup в Києві.

Запрошуємо усіх бажаючих долучитися до перегляду онлайн.

April 20, 19:00 – 23:00


Hibernate & Multithreading talks

– Hibernate performance tuning (Igor Dmitriev)
Nowadays, almost every Enterprise application uses Hibernate and as we know, DB could be a bottleneck in the application. Furthermore incorrect uses of ORM frameworks can lead to performance problems.

– Multithreading in Java past & present (Yevgen Polukov)
In this talk I’d like to give you an overview of java.util.concurrent package and represent useful Java concurrency tools. I’ll cover the core functionality and the state-of-the-art API (Executors, Accumulators, StampedLock etc).

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вівторок, 12 квітня 2016 р.

JUG Meetup: Software Engineering Culture - Improve Code Quality

21-го квітня, о 18:30, відбудеться наступна зустріч JUG Lviv.


Dmytro Patserkovskyi, Project Manager at V.I.Tech

8 years of experience with different languages and technologies. On career path met with game, desktop, mobile, enterprise and big data development. Interesting in code quality and ways of improving process of software development.


Software Engineering Culture - Improve Code Quality

It's usually not enough time for improving comfort of code writing and product monitoring. But this is an important thing for making software products with high quality. IT society even made awesome tools for making our life easier and culture of software engineering continue growing. On this talk we'll make a little dive into history of IT culture and will define services stack for making our life easier.


Hnatyuka St, 12А, at Rius hotel conference room.


Традиційно, участь безкоштовна, але реєстрація обов'язкова.

понеділок, 4 квітня 2016 р.

JEEConf - May 20-21,2016

Традиційно наприкінці травня відбудеться JEEConf Хто ще не придбав квитки - поспішайте