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REST Morning is coming!

New Morning@Lohika: “Real REST services. Theory and practice in Java” is coming!
Join REST Morning@Lohika on 30th of August and our speaker, Vladimir Tsukur from GlobalLogic, Kyiv, would be really happy to cover items listed below in scope of incoming Morning@Lohika event!
Vladimir Tsukur – our welcomed guest from Kyiv, proactive engineer, technical leader and team leader focused on quality and pragmatic development of web projects, platforms and API. Engaged in favorite business for over 10 years. Currently working in the company GlobalLogic. Certified Scrum Master and XP-practices methodologies. Outsourcing partner of Swedish companies Easyhunt and Frost Digital in Ukraine. Active speaker on UA DEV Club and XP Days conference.
First we will deep dive in theory:
  • Roy Fielding’s “Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures”
  • Main principles of REST architectural style
  • REST over HTTP
  • Resources, IDs and representations
  • Richardson maturity model
  • HATEOAS, linking and media types
  • Versioning
And then continue with practical part:
  • live demo sessions based on JAX-RS
  • JAX-RS 2.0 new features in a nutshell
This morning will be useful for:
  • software engineers who had previous practical experience with HTTP/REST services but never thought about theory behind it or visa-versa
  • QA engineers who are interested in theory behind it and ways how to test in programatically
  • technical people who want to finally understand difference between REST-like and RESTful services
Please register here and don’t shy to ask some questions! See you on 30th of August!

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