четвер, 17 січня 2013 р.


Спрінг анонсував наступний крок в еволюції Spring.

For Spring Framework 4.0, our focus is on emerging enterprise themes in 2013 and beyond:
  • First-class support for Java SE 8 based Spring applications:
    language features such as lambda expressions; APIs such as JSR-310 Date and Time
  • Configuring and implementing Spring-style applications using Groovy 2:
    Groovy-based bean definitions; Groovy as the language of choice for an entire app
  • Support for key Java EE 7 technologies:
    including JMS 2.0, JPA 2.1, Bean Validation 1.1, Servlet 3.1, and JCache
  • Enabling WebSocket-style application architectures:
    support for JSR-356 compliant runtimes and related technologies
  • Fine-grained eventing and messaging within the application:
    building on our existing application event and message listener mechanisms
  • Pruning and dependency upgrades:
    removing deprecated features; raising minimum dependencies to Java 6+ etc

Детальну інформацію можна отримати ось тут:

Також сьогодні 17,01 буде вебінар презентація Spring Framework 3.2

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