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JDK 8 Is Released!

Сьогодні відбулась найбільш значніша зміна в Java з часів релізу Java 5(Вересень 30, 2004)

Офіціний реліз Java 8.

Work on features in the prototype Java SE 8 Reference Implementation (JDK 8), was organized in terms of JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEPs).[141]
  • JSR 335, JEP 126: Language-level support for lambda expressions (officially, lambda expressions; unofficially, closures) under Project Lambda.[142] There was an ongoing debate in the Java community on whether to add support for lambda expressions.[143][144] Sun later declared that lambda expressions would be included in Java and asked for community input to refine the feature.[145]
  • JSR 223, JEP 174: Project Nashorn, a JavaScript runtime which allows developers to embed JavaScript code within applications
  • JSR 308, JEP 104: Annotations on Java Types for Unsigned Integer Arithmetic[146]
  • JSR 310, JEP 150: Date and Time API
Java 8 is not supported on Windows XP.[147]

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